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Lilith 2014: Princesses, Ghosts & Superheroes

2014 September 16
by black phoenix

The first Lil-inspired scent went live when I went into labor, and since that moment, she has been my little muse.

Happy sixth birthday, daughter. I love you. Thank you for the privilege of chronicling our life together through scent.

++The scent series will come down November 8th




Lilith, Ted, and I were playing dress up one night, and during her snack break in the kitchen, it occurred to me that she – and the whole accidental tableau – reminded me strongly (and strangely) of Georges de la Tour’s Penitent Magdalene.

So, of course, Ted and I threw together an impromptu 30-second staging with junk lying around the house and took a photo.

Learning art history through role playing and silly photo shenanigans!

Candle wax, smoke, red sandalwood, a dusting of kitchen spices, and a dribble of vanilla ice cream.




“We’ll be friends forever, won’t we, Pooh?” asked Piglet.

“Even longer,” Pooh answered.

A tribute to true friendship, and love that transcends distance and time: white sage and chaparral with sweet cedar, caramelized honey, warm fig, and carnation blossoms.




In hindsight, it was something of an omen that Lilith would be born on Brian’s birthday. He was with her on the day of her birth, and I have no doubt that they will love each other eternally. Yes, they are family, but he is also her friend: her pillar of support, her precious uncle, dearer to her heart than he could possibly know.

I created this scent as much for Brian as I did for Lilith; it is the scent of the summer that lives in one’s heart. Orange blossom honey, white coconut, and pear with flecks of golden amber that glimmers like sunlight on water.




I wanted to go with a less-literal name for this scent, but Lilith vetoed me! My little monster is a tremendous help around the garden. She helps me water, plant, and deadhead the flowers, but by far… harvesting is her favorite chore.

Sun-warmed, slightly squishy blueberries plus overgrown grass, overgrown honeysuckle, overgrown lavender, overgrown lemon verbena, and a smattering of un-pulled weeds.




Last year, Lilith visited Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in the Garden District with us. As she walked among the vaults and tombs, she announced to us, “When I get older, I’m going to help ghosts fix their houses.”

Marble, wild grasses, rusted iron, white clover, coneflowers, and daisies filtered through a sepulchral mist.




This one – name, scent, and photo selection – is entirely Lilith’s. She wanted this scent to smell like “how friendship feels when you’re hanging out in the grass.” Per Lilith’s description: “wet grass and sunshine, dogs and wood, and my feet in warm dirt and flowers I pick.”




Lilith named this one, and I think it’s absolutely perfect.

I know I’ve told this story before, but the kindness behind it means so much to me that you’re all going to have to bear with me while I tell it again. The privilege of being the narrator!

While we were at Lafayette Cemetery this spring, Lilith discovered all the beads, toys, and trinkets that people leave on the crypts. As she wandered through the cemetery grounds, she arranged the beads that she found into hearts and pillaged my purse (and Ted’s pockets!) for change and small items she could leave for the ghosts. She told me that people leave things like this for their ghost friends so that the spirits know that their “people friends” are thinking about them, and so they won’t be lonely while they wait for more people to come visit them. Lilith and I still talk about the ghost friends she met in New Orleans that day. Evidently, some of them have taken up residence in my basement and behind our bar because she couldn’t bear to leave them behind. The more the merrier, right?

Friendship beyond death. The scent of ghostly companionship, and imaginary friends that might not be quite so imaginary: oleander and frankincense with white rose, soft carnation, spectral white musk, and velvety magnolia.




Let the woman be girt with a sword before me: the many-throned, many-minded, many-wiled, daughter of Zeus.

Red and white roses, everblooming gardenia, violet leaf, Oman frankincense, styrax, honey myrtle, mallow flower.




Lilith named this scent, and said this perfume should smell like witches. Her interpretation is swathed in anise, lime, almond, and witchin’ herbs, and holds a bouquet of pale, graceful lilies. The end result is a sweet, nutty absinthe’d lime with a hint of spice and leather.




Peter was not with them for the moment, and they felt rather lonely up there by themselves. He could go so much faster than they that he would suddenly shoot out of sight, to have some adventure in which they had no share.

He would come down laughing over something fearfully funny he had been saying to a star, but he had already forgotten what it was, or he would come up with mermaid scales still sticking to him, and yet not be able to to say for certain what had been happening.

It was really rather irritating to children who had never seen a mermaid.
― JM Barrie, Peter Pan

Lilith, I hope you never stop seeing mermaids. I hope your invisible friends always sing with you, and that the ghosts in your attic tell you stories every night. I hope you never forget how to dream, and I hope you never forget why dreams matter.

A tiny siren’s perfume of pink seaweed, lotus petals, Tahitian tiare, white gardenia, orange blossom, sea salt, and vanilla-infused benzoin.




Salutations to the supreme Lord Ganesh, whose curved trunk  and massive body  shines like a million suns  and showers his blessings on everyone. Oh my lord of lords, Ganesha, kindly remove all obstacles, always and forever from all my activities and endeavors.

Lilith’s favorite deity – by far – is Ganesha, inspired by her kindergarten teacher and the works of Sanjay Patel. Her meditation technique, however, is as much a product of her Mom & Me practice at home as her enthusiastic love of Teen Titans. I’d attempted to persuade Lilith to meditate with me many times, but she didn’t have much of an interest in doing so until she started watching Teen Titans again in earnest. Kindergarten was a challenging transition year for her, and meditation was something she employed often to cope with the stress. I tried to encourage her to chant a variety of mantras, and she used many of Ganesha’s, but her go to was always Azarath Metreon Zinthos.

So, thank you, DC Comics, Sanjay Patel, and (especially) Ganesha, for helping give my daughter tools to help her through rough days.

This is a meditation blend that I created for Lilith: sweet frankincense, Mysore sandalwood, and a few drops of rose and clary sage.




Sometimes when I look at my daughter, I feel like I can see the woman that she’ll become someday. This is a perfume for that woman, forever my daughter: frankincense, sweet myrrh, bourbon vanilla, and a hint of willowy, pale fougere.




A few weeks before DragonCon this year, I took ill with a persistent, irritating, gooey flu. To cheer up me up, my crazy, wonderful daughter and her crazy, wonderful dad threw me a surprise party. They decorated Lilith’s room, baked me a cake in the Easy Bake Oven (it tasted very pink), and brought me little gifts, including a ridiculously pink lipstick, some balloons and noisemakers, and a bottle of OxyClean. (Long story.)

This perfume captures the ridiculously pink scent of that ridiculously pink cake. I love my family.


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Lacus Solitudinis Brick and Mortar Lunacy Will Call Dates

2014 August 31

Peninsula Delioiorum

Join us for our Lunacy event for your opportunity to meet the lab staff (California only), purchase the latest scents, and get a sneak preview of what’s coming soon.

The blends that will be available for purchase include those that went live on the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab website up to and including the Lacus Solitudinis update.

Our Lunacy events are held on the night of the full moon and are always free.

The West Coast Will Call event will be held on Tuesday, September 9th from 6 to 9pm at Dark Delicacies.

Dark Delicacies
3512 W. Magnolia Blvd
(1 block east of Hollywood Way)
Burbank, CA 91505

If you have any questions, please email us at

Hope to see you there!

Remaining Will Call Dates for 2014

West Coast:

Sunday, October 5th
Thursday, November 6th
Friday, December 5th

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Announcing The Black Phoenix DragonCon 2014 Exclusives & Cosplay Repair Station

2014 August 19

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Black Phoenix Trading Post are thrilled to announce our con exclusives for DragonCon! Black Phoenix will be vending at DragonCon 2014 at booths 1206 & 1208 in AmericasMart, building 1, floor 1.




Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab DragonCon Exclusive Perfume Oils.
Presented in a 5ml amber apothecary glass vial. $24 each.

A line inspired by Georgia’s official state… stuff.

No birds, bass, sharks, or square dancers were harmed during the creation of this line.

Sweet rum distillate with tobacco absolute, white sandalwood, and warm brown musk.

Salt, seaweed, and white mint with a hint of star anise, birchbark, and lemon peel.

Roasted peanuts, peanut leaves, and dark musk.

Pale, stony ambergris with oudh, patchouli, white cedar, and ambrette seed.

A gritty mineral musk with tonka bean, labdanum, oakmoss, and a drop of vetiver bourbon.

Sloe gin, peach blossoms, banjo strings, hay bales, and apple pie.

Peach and blackcurrant with aged patchouli, red sandalwood, benzoin, and blue musk.

Dried peach, black musk, and North African spices.

Whipped jasmine cream and peach blossom with vanilla orchid and white frankincense.


With patchouli, white jasmine, and glimmering golden musk.

Plus a touch of hay absolute and dried rosebud.

With peach bark and oakmoss for a hint of earthiness.

Peach blossoms, olibanum, myrrh, and white sandalwood.

Spun-sugar peaches!

Cosplay repair

Attention Cosplayers: this year, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab / Trading Post will have a Cosplay Repair Station at our booth! Assembled by our beloved Chrissy Lynn Kyle and sponsored by BPAL, we’ll have everything you need in case of cosplay’mergency – free of charge.

Here’s a list of some of the items we will have to repair items:

  • Scissors
  • Safety Pins (various Sizes)
  • Hand sewing needle and thread (in at least black and white)
  • Hot glue gun + sticks
  • Super glue
  • E6000 adhesive
  • Hairspray
  • Wig cap
  • Bobby Pins
  • Clear nail polish
  • Double sided fashion tape
  • Electrical tape
  • Duct tape
  • Eyelash glue
  • Stain remover (tide to go)
  • Heat and bond
  • Beacon Fabric Tac (fabric glue)
  • Spirit Gum / Liquid Latex
  • Stapler

We look forward to seeing you there!

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A note about the BPAL mailing list as we got asked about emails…

2014 August 18
by black phoenix

If you’re on the BPAL mailing list, usually emails go out when there’s an announcement of Lunacy, Will Call or new scents.

We’re hearing that some people may not be getting their emails, so here are a couple of suggestions:

The emails may be going to your spam folder or have been blocked by your provider.

You may want to whitelist the email address it comes from:

If you want to make sure you’re signed up, you can sign up here:

However, anything sent through the mailing list gets posted to: The BPAL FB page, the Forum, Tumblr, Twitter, and The Gazette. So, it’s pretty likely you’re seeing it somewhere.

Hope that helps!

A New Lunacy and Metamorphosis At Black Phoenix

2014 August 10

The moon is rising, solemn and silent, over Black Phoenix:

Peninsula Delioiorum

The Lake of Solitude: a scent of introspection and introversion. Meditative white sandalwood with rosewood, Roman chamomile, white lavender, marjoram, Himalayan cedar, and oudh.


This month, we revisit the Metamorphosis:

The Metamorphosis series is dedicated, as always, to my daughter. Lilith, you are my light, my love, my heart, and the sweetness of my soul. Sword-Wielding Storybook Princess, Valiant Superheroine, Bold Adventurer, Make-Believe Misunderstood Fairy Tale Villainess: it is a privilege to watch you grow, and it is an honor to be your mother. I love you with every drop of blood in my body, and every breath. The sweetness of your heart, the depth of your compassion, and the razor of your wit are all an inspiration to me. Your laugh is my joy. I love you, Little Lady Butterfly.


“Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.”

Lo, the bright train their radiant wings unfold!
With silver fringed, and freckled o’er with gold:

On the gay bosom of some fragrant flower
They, idly fluttering, live their little hour;
Their life all pleasure, and their task all play,
All spring their age, and sunshine all their day.
- ” To Mrs. P——–., With Some Drawings…”, Anna Laetitia Aikin

The grace, beauty, and complexity of butterflies and moths have permeated myths all over the globe. The symmetry and elegance of their form and the coquettish rhythm of their dance inspires visions of fleeting romance:

The dawn is smiling on the dew that covers
The tearful roses; lo, the little lovers
That kiss the buds, and all the flutterings
In jasmine bloom, and privet, of white wings,
That go and come, and fly, and peep and hide,
With muffled music, murmured far and wide.
Ah, the Spring time, when we think of all the lays
That dreamy lovers send to dreamy mays,
Of the fond hearts within a billet bound,
Of all the soft silk paper that pens wound,
The messages of love that mortals write
Filled with intoxication of delight,
Written in April and before the May time
Shredded and flown, playthings for the wind’s playtime,
We dream that all white butterflies above,
Who seek through clouds or waters souls to love,
And leave their lady mistress in despair,
To flit to flowers, as kinder and more fair,
Are but torn love-letters, that through the skies
Flutter, and float, and change to butterflies
- ” The Genesis of Butterflies”, Victor Hugo

Though in some myths – notably, China’s Butterfly Lovers, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, and Japan’s tale of Takahama and Akiko – butterflies are symbols of eternal love and devotion.

Most often, butterflies and moths represent change, transition, and metamorphosis. Butterflies are also seen as personifications of the soul, and symbols of mankind’s desire for spiritual evolution. They are harbingers of both love and death, and some believe that errant souls manifest in this form.

Moths and butterflies are, to some, symbols of blind desire and madness, perilously drawn to the splendor of light and flame. This mad desire is also portrayed, at times, as transcendence:

Tell it none except the wise,
for the common crowd defames:
of the living I shall praise
that which longs for death in flames.

In the love night which created
you where you create, a yearning
wakes: you see, intoxicated,
far away a candle burning.
Darkness now no longer snares you,
shadows lose their ancient force,
as a new desire tears you
up to higher intercourse.

Now no distance checks your flight,
charmed you come and you draw night
till, with longing for the light,
you are burnt, O butterfly.

And until you have possessed
dying and rebirth,
you are but a sullen guest
on the gloomy earth.
- ” Blissful Yearning”, Goethe, translation by Walter Kaufmann

This series, though seemingly simple, is a complex narrative in scent. It was created with the intention of illustrating the beauty of transformation and transcendence, the sweetness of romance, the joy of freedom and personal liberty, and the perpetuity of true love.

Wake, butterfly -
It’s late, we’ve miles
To go together.
- Matsuo Basho

This year’s series is inspired by our family’s annual pilgrimage to New Orleans: the Butterflies of Louisiana -

Licorice bark with freesia, jungle orchids, elemi, Bulgarian rose otto, and jasmine sambac.

Sweet orange with tobacco absolute and hay.

Tonka bean, orange blossom, ambrette seed, and brown sandalwood.

Nagarmotha and sweet musk.

Italian bergamot and neroli with marigold, white jasmine, Himalayan cedar, lemon peel, and a drop of tobacco absolute.

Blackened vanilla absolute with tobacco leaf, Ceylon cinnamon, orange-bark myrrh, and orange blossom.

White thyme, yuzu fruit, hinoki wood, blue cedar, white carnation, plum rind, white mandarin, and lime-tinted white musk.

Cardamom tea, orange peel, mate, oakmoss, tonka bean, sweet cedar, and costus.

Black saffron, frankincense, Florentine iris, blackcurrant, white pepper, black clove, vetiver, and smoky honey.

White patchouli, oudh, vanilla absolute, copaiba balsam, pepperwood, and champaca flower.

Butterflies have also descended onto the ‘Post:

A gossamer armor: seemingly delicate, but as strong as adamant. Opalescent vanilla-infused benzoin with silvered iris, white patchouli, mimosa blossom, and white musk.

A gossamer armor: seemingly delicate, but as strong as adamant. Opalescent vanilla-infused benzoin with silvered iris, white patchouli, mimosa blossom, and white musk.

Honeyed camellia and bergamot with sweet honeysuckle and sugared columbine.

Honeyed camellia and bergamot with sweet honeysuckle and sugared columbine.


The Earth laughs in flowers.  


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Help Support Artist Julie Dillon And Get A 5ml Of Scholar’s Tower

2014 August 7

scholars tower


We’re so thrilled to be supporting the amazing Julie Dillon’s Imagined Realms Kickstarter project with a scent called  “Scholars’ Tower”.

Imagined Realms” is the first in a series of books of fantasy art by award winning artist Julie Dillon and features all new illustrations of faeries, mermaids, dragons, elves, several cats, and a variety of ladies exploring and having adventures.


Gleaming amber spheres, polished cedar and mahogany, sweet parchment, inks of frankincense ash, and soft plumes of incense.

The “Scholars’ Tower” perfume oil is presented in a 5ml amber apothecary vial, and is available on Kickstarter backer rewards as follows:

  • $45: BPAL “Scholar’s Tower” perfume oil blend + one 11×14″ print of Scholar’s Tower (plus digital rewards)
  • $60: BPAL Scholar’s Tower” perfume oil blend + one copy of Imagined Realms: Book 1 (plus digital rewards)
  • $65: BPAL Scholar’s Tower” perfume oil blend + one Signed copy of Imagined Realms: Book 1 (plus digital rewards)

(Note that the books and artwork will ship separately from the perfume.)

Note: This scent is not a part of Kickstarter or affiliated with Kickstarter.

Julie Dillon has been working with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for many years, doing labels for several series, most notably the Phoenix Steamworks collection, the Vampires Don’t Sleep Alone Collection, the RPG series, and upcoming re-release of Carnival Diabolique.”

You can support Imagined Realms on Kickstarter,  see more of the artwork, and donate here.

The Return Of The BPAL Forums and Oceanus Procellarum Brick and Mortar Lunacy Will Call Dates

2014 July 31

First up, we’d like to announce that the BPAL forums are back and looking better than ever. We thank you so much for your patience while we made this change and we send so much love to the transition team who worked so tirelessly to make it happen.

The website is still and we hope you’ll be patient with us as we work out any little gremlins that might be hiding.

Love everyone at The Lab!


Peninsula Delioiorum


Join us for our Lunacy event for your opportunity to meet the lab staff (California only), purchase the latest scents, and get a sneak preview of what’s coming soon.

The blends that will be available for purchase include those that went live on the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab website up to and including the Oceanus Procellarum update.

Our Lunacy events are held on the night of the full moon and are always free.

The West Coast Will Call event will be held on Sunday, August 10th from 4 to 7pm at Dark Delicacies.


Dark Delicacies
3512 W. Magnolia Blvd
(1 block east of Hollywood Way)
Burbank, CA 91505


The East Coast Will Call event will be held on Sunday, August 10th from 4 to 7pm at Healthy Living Market.

Healthy Living Market
222 Dorset Street,
South Burlington, VT, 05403

If you have any questions, please email us at

Hope to see you there!


Remaining Will Call Dates for 2014

West Coast:

Tuesday, September 9th
Sunday, October 5th
Thursday, November 6th
Friday, December 5th

East Coast:


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New At The Black Phoenix Trading Post: Gemini Scent Locket, Eat Me Hair Gloss, New Scents & A Bracelet

2014 July 23

The Goblins have been busy and we have new items up at the Black Phoenix Trading Post!


Gemini Zodiac Scent Locket

Exquisite, elegant, and exclusive to the Trading Post.

These are heavy lockets, thick with silver, and are perfect for use as a perfume oil conduit. Dab your favorite Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab concoction onto muslin, velvet or cotton, and place the swatch inside the locket. Your body will warm the silver, and the locket will exude pure, unadulterated scent.

The Zodiac lockets are hand cast 925 sterling silver that has been partially gold washed using a method popularized in the 19th century and each is adorned with at least one stone corresponding to the sign the locket represents. Each locket’s bale sports one of the BPAL logos: the alchemical symbol for brimstone. Portions of the face of the lockets have been deliberately tarnished. They measure approximately 1.25″ in diameter. These lockets are heavy. They are not fragile, filigreed pieces; they are durable, extremely weighty with silver, and are suitable for your most adventurous airship excursions.

These lockets are exclusive to the Trading Post, and were created by and for Black Phoenix. They cannot be found anywhere else in all of Heaven and Earth.

Each piece is hand cast. This is an extremely limited run. At this time, we are unsure if we’ll be able to do another run of these pendants in the future.

All jewelry comes with a gossamer ribbon in a Black Phoenix Trading Post velvet pouch.

The Zodiac lockets were designed by Alicia Dabney of Elements and Artifacts.



GREEN GOBLIN SACK Statue + Oil Blend

The goblin statues are 6 ¼ tall x 4 inches wide, and weigh 5oz. They are composed of poured resin.

Each statue is slightly different, as each and every one was hand-crafted by real human beings! Conceived of, designed, sculpted, hand-painted, and produced in North America!

Each goblin statue can fit one BPAL bottle under his arm and another in its wee lil’ sack for a total of two – count ‘em, TWO – bottles!

The Goblin Statue and Goblin Sack come as a set and cannot be separated. You wouldn’t separate a goblin from his sack, wouldja?

Each statue comes with a bottle of Goblin Sack! –

Vanilla-laced leather with 3-year aged patchouli and a warm sack o’hazelnuts.




The Crypt Princess resides in her resin coffin which is decorated with the words Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab written in a  circle around the BPAL Triple Dagger logo, and there are four happy skulls guarding her.

The coffin is 3″ wide x 6″ long x 2″ deep. Cost $75 (includes a 5ml bottle of Crypt Princess) 

O in the silence of the night, 
When the lonely moon rides high, 
When wintry winds are whistling, 
And we hear the owl’s shrill cry; 
In the quiet, dusky chamber, 
By the flickering firelight, 
Rising up between two sleepers, 
Comes a spirit all in white.

Pomegranate and autumn apple with tea roses, red musk, a bouquet of pale grave flowers, and a winding sheet of white sandalwood and dusky vanilla.





EAT ME Hair Gloss

Eat Me won July’s Lunacy poll!

Three white cakes, vanilla, and red and black currants.



EAT ME Home & Linen Spray

Eat Me Atmosphere spray… did not win the July Lunacy poll, but was so close the goblins thought you might like this too!

Three white cakes, vanilla, and red and black currants




Slim and lovely, these lightweight vegan bracelets sport a hand-cast bronze medallion with the Black Phoenix triple logo! Custom made for Black Phoenix Trading Post, hand-crafted here in the City of Angels.

Bracelet is 7.5”, with two sets of snaps for an adjustable fit.

Super-soft 100% not-leather leatherness. No cows, pigs, goats, sheep, snakes, ostriches, hamsters, lemurs, toads, or shrews – or any other animals – were harmed in the creation of these bracelets.


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Details On The Scents For Sale By BPAL At The CBLDF Party At SDCC

2014 July 20


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is proud to sponsor the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s San Diego Comic Con Welcome Party! We will have a small vending space at the event, where we will be selling a selection of scents whose proceeds go to the CBLDF, including two event exclusives:


Anaxagoras, a physiologoi, was a pioneer in scientific inquiry. His naturalistic theories of explanation were considered a danger to public religion and civic culture, making him an enemy of the polis. He was indicted on charges of impiety for asserting that the sun is a mass of incandescent, red-hot metal, the moon is an earthy sphere, and that the stars are fiery stones.

The fire of the sun, the glow of the moon, and the twinkle of flaming-white stars eclipsed by temple incense and scorched olive leaf: Tunisian amber, Italian bergamot, and blue and white musks blanketed in styrax, libanon, and myrron.


“Concerning the gods, I have no means of knowing whether they exist or not or what sort they may be, because of the obscurity of the subject, and the brevity of human life.”

Protagoras was one of the earliest Sophists, teaching that the quintessence of good citizenship lies in self-restraint, the pursuit of justice, and the preservation of the social order. He promoted the virtues of efficient management of one’s affairs, properly running one’s household, and making worthwhile and effective contributions to Athenian society. Because of the wisdom of his teachings, he was appointed lawgiver for the colony of Thurii 

Despite his contributions, Protagoras’ outspoken agnosticism inflamed the anger of the Athenians. According to Diogenes Laërtius and Cicero, Protagoras was eventually banished from Athens, and all of his written works were collected and burned in the agora.

Smoldering scrolls and melted wax tablets.

At the event, we will be debuting phone cases that feature artwork from our chapbook for Neil Gaiman’s Snow Glass Apples. At this time, we are only able to offer cases for iPhone 5. Illustration by Julie Dillon! $40 per case!

CBLDF Comic-Con Welcome Party

Thursday, July 24
Westgate Hotel
1055 Second Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Come support Free Speech and experience the best of Comic-Con at the CBLDF Comic-Con Welcome Party, Thursday, July 24, at the Westgate Hotel (1055 Second Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101), from 8:00 – 11:00 PM! This party is FREE for CBLDF Members. Non-members: Suggested $10 – $20 donation at the door, please.

Get your tickets here:

CBLDF Party BPAL Scent List For 2014.

Scent Name
Agnes Nutter
Agnes Nutter v2
Alice’s Evidence
Antikythera Mechanism
Banana Peel in a Graveyard
Banned in Boston
Baobhan Sith
Blood Kiss
Buggre Alle This Bible
Burning Book
Cat, The
Cohen vs. California
Convocation, The
Coraline Jones
Dragon’s Milk
Dragon’s Musk
Dwarven Ale
East, The
Eat Me
Eau De Ghoul
El Nuevo Puritano
Fairy Wine
Floating Market
Fool, The (+ Tarot Card)
Ghost Children
Ifrit, The
Isles of Demons
Jasmine Cottage
Kubla Khan
La Mano Del Destino
Lady Una
Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat
Lovers, The (+ Tarot Card)
Mad Sweeney
Madame Tracy
Magician, The
Marquis de Carabas
Miller vs. California
Miss Forcible
Miss Lupescu
Miss Spink
Mouse Circus
Mouse’s Long and Sad Tale
Mr. Bobo
Mr. Croup
Mr. Ibis
Mr. Jacquel
Mr. Nancy
Mr. Vandemar
Nanny Ashtoreth
Nights Bridge
Norn’s Farmhouse, The
Other Hot Chocolate
Other Miss Forcible
Other Miss Spink
Other Mother’s Right Hand
Owens’ Tomb, The
Potter’s Field, The
Priestess, The (+ Tarot Card)
Rat Speakers
Silver Stream, The
Snake Oil
Snowglass Apples v4
Sunbird + Book
Tea Leaves
The Velvets
Thieves’s Rosin
Vial of Holy Water
Witch Queen, The
Plus Event Exclusives:
* Anaxagoras
* Protagoras


We look forward to seeing you there!

New Lunacy, David Mack’s Kabuki, The Gatekeeper & The July BPTP Poll!

2014 July 11


A note from Beth about the new scents for David Mack’s Kabuki:

I am honored beyond words to present the first scents in our homage to David Mack’s Kabuki.

David Mack is the New York Times Best Selling author and artist of the KABUKI Graphic Novels, the writer and artist of Daredevil from Marvel Comics, including DAREDEVIL: End of Days which just debuted in hardcover as #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List (Co-written with Brian Michael Bendis), and the author and artist of his children’s book THE SHY CREATURES from MacMillan.

David most recently created the art & concept for the credit sequence on the #1 hit film Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

David’s work has garnered nominations for seven Eisner Awards, four International Eagle Awards, and both the Harvey and Kirby Awards in the category of Best New Talent, as well as many other national and international awards and nominations.

David is a fantastic artist, and his stories are truly moving. Even better? He is a singularly wonderful person. It is an honor to work with him.



Inspired by the opening pages of Circle of Blood. The scent of vice and darkness: flashing neon, oil-tinged petrichor, fading perfume, smeared lipstick, and the faintest touch of gunpowder residue.


A voice on the airwaves: electric, aldehydic cherry blossom.


Devoted ruthlessness. This is the scent of razors, cold metal, icicles, and her diamond-tipped claws: eucalyptus blossom, crystalline musk, white ginger, mint, and elemi.


Television static made manifest, with a glimpse of perversions hidden beneath: benzoin, black pepper, white sandalwood, olibanum, ambergris accord, galbanum, and O3.


We have a new scent based on the villain in The Maze of Games by puzzle and game designer Mike Selinker and Lone Shark Games.


A dry perfume, solemn and riddled with ancient, whispered secrets: brittle bones, the well-worn leather spines of forgotten books, crumbling papyrus, and the warm, strange scent of yellowed, crumbling manuscripts.


Peninsula Delioiorum


This cycle, we’re changing up the Lunacies a bit. From Aries to Aries, we’ll be sailing through the dreamstuff of the lunar mare on a voyage that transverses the surface of Luna by way of your subconscious.

Continuing with Tabula Selenographica’s trip through the lunar landscape, we are thrilled to present:


The Ocean of Storms: crystallized salt and opalescent moon stones buffeted by an illusion of wave-thrashed kelp and tattered seaweed.


In other news:

There’s a new poll over at the Black Phoenix Trading Post and we’d like your feedback to help the goblins figure out what to make next.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the scents for Only Lovers Left Alive we’ve been getting some amazing feedback and people are already coming back to stock up on their favorites.

Finally, the reviews for our collaboration with Kelly Sue DeConnick for the Pretty Deadly scents have been really positive. We’re so glad to be working with Kelly Sue and hope you’re enjoying the scents as well.


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