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Every Friday Is Black Friday Thanks to Our Weekly News Roundup

2015 November 27
by black phoenix


Welcome to our weekly roundup of cherished news bits! This week’s batch:

☠ As if big family dinners aren’t awkward enough already, female vampire bats show camaraderie by regurgitating blood into each other’s mouths.

Teddy Girls: this mostly-forgotten subculture of ‘50s girl gangs has so much to teach us about style.

☠ Now hear this: a Croatian artist’s sea organ makes music using the waves of the ocean.

German scientists have unearthed 600 amulets (stamp and cylinder seals dating from the 7th through the 4th centuries BC) from the sacred site of the storm and weather god Jupiter Dolichenus.

☠ Got a very special Chaotic Neutral Half-Elf in your life? Geek & Sundry has unleashed theirholiday buyer’s guide for the tabletop role-player – and our line of RPG scents made the list!

☠ Anything worth doing is worth doing better than those other guys. That’s the lesson we’re taking from The Poster Posse’s crusade to design even better art for Crimson Peak.

☠ The rise of agriculture has been linked to human DNA changes in ancient Europe – without entirely meaning to, a cadre of enterprising farmers changed the course of human evolution.

☠ The 2,700 yr-old sarcophagus of a high priest of God Amun has been unearthed in Luxor (details of his curse upon the excavators TBA).

☠ Buy Kurt Stenzel’s mesmerizing soundtrack to Jodorowsky’s Dune and help support the composer and his family – the composer suffered a major stroke after the film’s release. The details of his recovery (and his family’s needs) can be found on their GoFundMe page. In the meantime, enjoy the album preview below!

Cut-Off Dates for Holiday Ordering

2015 November 25
by black phoenix

With the holidays fast approaching, please take note of the Lab and Trading Post’s shipping cut-off dates to receive items by Christmas.

These cut-offs are for shipments you need to receive by Christmas only and do not affect scent availability for purchase:

Monday Dec. 7th 12:01am PST for international orders

Monday, Dec 14th 12:01am PST for domestic orders

Gift Certificates are not subject to the same cut-offs as they’re sent by email, so you can also get those for BPAL and the Trading Post.

Thank you!

Cannibalism, Historical Body-Mods, and Alien Fungus: It’s Our Weekly Link Roundup!

2015 November 20
by black phoenix


Welcome to our weekly roundup of cherished news bits! This week’s batch:

☠ Believe it or not, historical evidence shows that nipple rings became a fad in Victorian England.

☠ It’s been at least 1,500 years since anyone’s played the board game bo, remnants of which were found in a Chinese tomb dating 2,300 years. Dat d14 tho…

☠ Historians say that as recently as 300 years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for British royalty and other well-to-do citizens to dine on human flesh.

☠ Take a bug-eyed gander at the new Black Hand Lenormand deck, a gorgeously illustrated set of cards for use in divination and classic fortune telling games.

☠ A villa in Tuscany that once housed Michelangelo is now on sale for $8 million.

☠ The organizers of the world’s largest witchcraft festival explain why Paganism is once again taking root in Scotland.

☠ Meanwhile, explorers have discovered a secret underground basilica that served as a place of occult worship in ancient Rome.

☠ The advent of Vantablack has finally led to a more wearable form of light-absorbing technology, dubbed Viperblack. (The nanotubes in the original stuff make it carcinogenic, dontcha know.)

☠ Most will never be lucky enough to witness a Devil’s Finger fungus blossoming in person; in the meantime we’ve got you covered. Enjoy the video below!

West Coast, San Francisco, & Dirty South Lunacy Events Plus Our Annual Food and Toy Drives

2015 November 13
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by black phoenix

Join us for our Lunacy events for your opportunity to meet the lab staff (Burbank, California only), purchase the latest scents, and get a sneak preview of what’s coming soon.

The blends available for purchase include those that went live on the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab website up to and including the Crimson Peak updates. Our Lunacy events are always free.

In the spirit of the holidays, we will be holding food and toy drives at the West Coast, San Francisco, and Dirty South Lunacy events for both November and December.

Each toy donation valued at $10 (no plush, please) will receive one 5ml bottle of Irish Coffee Cake.

Each bag of groceries valued at $10, will receive one 5ml bottle of Gingered Chocolate Soufflé.

The West Coast Lunacy Event will be held on Sunday, November 22nd from 4 to 7pm at Dark Delicacies. This year’s organizations are Spark of Love and The Valley Food Bank.

Dark Delicacies
3512 W. Magnolia Blvd
(1 block east of Hollywood Way)
Burbank, CA 91505

RSVP for the Event on Facebook.


The Dirty South Lunacy Event will be held on Sunday, November 22nd from 4 to 7pm at the Microtel Inn and Suites by Wyndham at Perimeter Center. This year’s organizations are Aerial’s House and The Georgia Mountain Food Bank.

6280 Peachwood Dunwoody Rd
(In the conference/meeting room)
Atlanta, GA 30328

RSVP for the Event on Facebook.


The San Francisco Bay Area Lunacy Event will be held on Monday, November 23rd from 6 to 8pm at Loved To Death. This year’s organizations are Taking it to the Streets and Toys For Tots.

Loved To Death
1681 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

RSVP for the Event on Facebook.


Regarding donations: Please make sure all items are undamaged, unopened, and in the manufacturer’s original packaging.

Both scents are limited editions for this year’s donations only and are not for resale. There is no limit to how many donations you can make and each donation will receive the LE while supplies last.

Regarding the food drives, here is a list of suggested donations.

· Canned Fruit
· Canned Soup/Broth
· Canned Tuna
· Canned Vegetable
· Canned Meat/Beef
· Spaghetti Sauce
· Crackers/Cookies
· Cereals (Hot or Cold)
· Spaghetti/Pasta
· Macaroni & Cheese
· Peanut Butter
· Jams/Jelly
· Bottled Water

Please note: Food must not be past the suggested expiration date.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Remaining Lunacy Event dates for 2015.

West Coast:
Sunday, December 20th

San Francisco Bay Area
Tuesday, December 22nd


Dirty South and Vermont dates TBA

Hope to see you there!

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Your ‘Palmyra’ Purchase Supports UNHCR Refugee Aid

2015 November 12
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by black phoenix



White as hot steel the broad sun mounts the skies,

The burning vapors quivering as they rise.

No beast, no wandering bird, doth hither come,

Not e’en an insect wakes her drowsy hum.

But lo! the hills on which some dark curse rests,

Barren their sides, all rocks their dreary crests,

Approach with frowns, and form a savage dell,

Where snakes retreat, and vultures love to dwell.

Silent and strange along this craggy way,

Rise countless towers that brave thy hand, Decay!

Did busy men once live, and flourish here,

Their palaces yon piles so old and drear?

Draw nearer,—scan each building’s dark recess;

What mean those crumbling bones, that mouldered dress?

Yes, these are tombs, as many a mummy shows,

Where man in distant ages found repose;

The street of graves! where kings laid down their pride,

And many a restless phantom yet may glide:

Murdered Longinus here may wander still,

And she whose dust was laid by Tibur’s hill,

Far-famed Zenobia, for her kingdom wail,

Sweeping with viewless form the desert gale.


Deserted Tadmor! queen of Syria’s wild!

Well mayst thou fill with rapture Fancy’s child;

Yet not by day—too garish, harsh, and rude—

The eye should scan thy fairy solitude;

But when the still moon pours her hallowing beam,

And crumbling shrine and palace whitely gleam,

Then pause beneath the lofty arch, and there

Survey the mouldings rich and sculptures fair;

See how like spectral giants columns stand,

And cast long shadows o’er the yellow sand;

How the soft light on marble tracery plays,

And busts look life-like through that silvery haze!

Tread the long colonnade, where Traffic’s throng,

And chief and sage were wont to sweep along;

Ruin on ruin mouldering, still and lone,

Arch following arch, fane, massy wall o’erthrown,

And still beyond, some line of columns gray,

In long perspective stretching far away,—

These will the stars in desolation show,

Shedding o’er all a soft ethereal glow,

Till beauty scarce of earth around us beams,

And like the home of spirits, Tadmor seems.


And are no dwellers here?—no beings found

Within Palmyra’s wide and haunted bound?

Yes, come and see—where Beauty, in old days,

Touched her sweet harp, and blushed at her own praise;

There rears the desert-bird her callow brood,

And shrieks along the untrodden solitude.

Yes, come and see—where kings in council sate

On ivory thrones, mid all the pomp of state;

There mopes the owl with shining sleepless eye,

And growls the hyena, stealing slowly by.

Commerce in Tadmor fixed her gorgeous seat;

Her voice was heard through every busy street:

The caravan brought gems from Persia’s shore,

Tyre sent her cloths, and Ind her golden store;

And this long ages saw, till Syria’s mart

Drew and poured forth wealth’s streams,—a mighty heart!

Now come and see—within yon pillared walls,

Mid tottering shafts and broken capitals,

Squalid and lorn, cut off from all mankind,

In tattered garbs, to wretchedness consigned,

A few poor Arabs crouch,—with senseless stare

They view the pomp and beauty lingering there,

Tend their lean goats, to Mecca idly bow,

The only merchants, only princes now!


City of Solomon! whose fame and power,

And wondrous wealth, began in earth’s young hour;

How, mid her fallen pomp, thought wanders back

O’er vanished days,—a sad yet dazzling track.

Arabia’s fierce and desolating horde,

Rome’s conquering eagle, Babylonia’s sword,

All we behold, but chief one form appears,

Rising all radiant from the gulf of years:

Proud is her step, her dark eye varying oft,

Now flashing fire, now languishingly soft;

The jewelled crown well suits that brow serene,—

’T is great Zenobia, Tadmor’s glorious queen.

Beauty hath oft put War’s dread helmet on,

Since her who ruled earth-conquering Babylon;

Yet not Semiramis, who boasts her bays,

Nor Gaul’s bold maid, who graced these later days,

Swayed the rough hearts of men with wilder power,

Or met more bravely battle’s dreadful hour,

Than she on whom pleased fame and fortune smiled,

The dark-haired mistress of the Syrian wild.


But now the conqueror’s brighter hour has passed,

And fair Zenobia’s star goes down at last.

The Roman comes,—his legions file around

Doomed Tadmor’s walls, to deafening trumpets’ sound.

Aurelian bids the desert princess yield,

But hark! her answer—clashing sword and shield!

Girt by her chiefs, her proud plumed head she rears,

Defies the foe, and each faint spirit cheers;

Her milk-white courser prances round the wall,

Her gestures, looks, and words inspiring all.

Through opened gates her troops are sallying now,

Still in their front appears that dauntless brow;

Where’er her silver wand is seen to wave,

There rush the boldest, and there fall the brave,

And when borne back by Rome’s immense array,

She fights retreating, pauses still to slay.


But ceaseless war, and famine’s tortures slow,

Wear bravery out, and bring Palmyra low.

’T was then the Queen, to crush the despot’s might,

Passed from the gates beneath the veil of night,

Hers still the hope from Persia aid to call,

Save her loved land, and stay Palmyra’s fall.

With fluttering heart, but calm and fearless eye,

Across the trackless desert see her fly!

On swept the camel with unflagging speed,

As though he knew that hour of deadly need;

Her Syrian guards o’er Arab steeds might lean,

But not keep pace with her, their flying Queen.

What recked she drifting sand or scorching sun?

What recked she pain or toil, that mission done?

Come hunger, thirst,—on, on her course must be,

Each swift-winged hour brought, Tadmor, doom to thee!

Lo! on their track, through clouds of rising sand,

Bright helms were seen, now glittered spear and brand;

Then horsemen forward dashed,—a long-drawn row,—

’T was Rome’s dread troops, the fierce pursuing foe!

They saw, and hailed,—across the waste was borne

The hoarse, deep note of many a trumpet-horn;

And on they came, like winds careering fast,

Not half so fearful sweeps the simoom blast;

They brought for her who scoured those desert plains,

Woe and disgrace, captivity and chains.


But still Zenobia flew; the steeds that bore

Her guards had sunk,—those chiefs could aid no more;

And now that camel shaped his course alone,—

He reared his head as louder blasts were blown,

And strained each nerve, his soft black drooping eye

Telling of suffering, fear, and agony;

Unhappy, faithful thing! that still would brave

Toil, peril, death, his royal charge to save.


’T was vain: as hounds at length chase down the deer,

The Roman horsemen drew more near and near;

Though some fell back, or sank upon the way,

Yet others, slowly gaining, reached the prey.

They halted, wheeled,—their armor’s dazzling sheen

Formed a dread wall round Syria’s fated queen;

Hope fled her breast,—she yielded,—ruined now,

But still majestic shone that high-born brow.

Ah! as they led their prisoner o’er the plain,

No more to rule, but grace a tyrant’s train,

And, exiled, pine where wooded Anio sweeps,

Far from her desert home and palmy steeps,

The sun of Syria’s power went down in night,

On Freedom’s tree there rained a withering blight,

Glory to proud Palmyra sighed adieu,

And o’er her shrines Destruction’s angel flew.

– Nicholas Michell

Golden amber and galbanum with frankincense, myrrh, Balm of Gilead, vanilla-infused sandalwood, sand-smoothed leather, and Ceylon cinnamon.


All proceeds after cost of manufacture benefit the UNHCR’s efforts to aid refugees and meet humanitarian needs.

This Week’s Best of #BPAL on Instagram

2015 November 11
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by black phoenix


Thanks to IG user mechanicalrain for this dash of GC realness:


The Dark Side of Earth: deep, brooding forest scents, including juniper and patchouli. The scent of upturned cemetery loam mingling with floral offerings to the dead.

Tag us in your creative product shots and we’ll pick out the best ones week by week for a followback!

From Othello to ‘Oh HELL No’ — It’s BPAL’s Weekly Link Roundup

2015 November 6
Comments Off on From Othello to ‘Oh HELL No’ — It’s BPAL’s Weekly Link Roundup
by black phoenix


Welcome to our weekly roundup of cherished news bits! This week’s batch:

☠ This week the Harlem Shakespeare Festival launches its all-female production of Othello, giving a whole new twist to the line “Men should be what they seem.”

This mummified hand from Yorkshire may be the last Hand of Glory still in existence.

☠ Here are some probing questions and topics for discussion if your book club ever happens to read The Necronomicon.

Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn has a pretty shocking explanation for why she no longer consults the tarot.

☠ A vault discovered alongside NYC’s Washington Square Park has yielded skeletal remains from the 19th Century.

☠ Stop whatever you’re doing and eat this Alien facehugger donut!

☠ The Washington Post explains why gender-swapped movies won’t fix Hollywood’s fear of the feminine.

☠ Earlier this week graphic novelist/prophet Alan Moore attempted to answer 75 questions from GoodReads members – here are some of the highlights!

☠ Meet Japanese actress Geminoid Fthe first android actress in a feature film. You can watch the trailer for her debut, Sayonara, below.

Best of #BPAL on Instagram

2015 November 3
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by black phoenix


H/T to Instagram user ktdelz for summoning the perfect amount of holiday spirit this weekend. Hope you all had a good one!

Don’t forget to tag us in your unique #BPAL product shots – it just may earn you a repost and a followback!

Introducing CRIMSON PEAK Perfumes, Nail Polish, Jewelry, Atmosphere Sprays, and More

2015 October 31
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by black phoenix


Ghosts are real, that much I know. I’ve seen them all my life…

In a groundbreaking departure from past film tributes, Black Phoenix Alchemy presents a series of scents, jewelry, and more inspired by Guillermo Del Toro’s sumptuous gothic romance CRIMSON PEAK.

As audiences are already discovering, CRIMSON PEAK is more than mere ghost story or cinematic spectacle: it is a director’s love letter to the dark tales which formed his childhood sense of wonder, nudging him toward becoming the visionary artist he is today. For contemporary viewers this serves as a gateway to an entire form of storytelling — one which may seem as outdated as whalebone or laudanum, but retains its power to shock, arouse, and illuminate.

Perhaps it’s fitting that in the 21st century, the gothic romance genre has itself become a wandering ghost — one which, not unlike the film’s heroine Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska), certain among us can still hear, see, and even smell. What is it so desperately trying to tell us?

Set in Victorian New England, Del Toro’s film explores the terrible power of doomed relationships, of love struggling to bloom in a world fraught with death and suffering. Stalked since childhood by the specter of her mother, Edith stubbornly chases the dream of becoming an author, fantasizing about becoming the next Mary Shelley and delicately resisting the advances of her childhood love, Dr. Alan McMichael (Charlie Hunnam).

Edith inadvertently steps into the pages of her own haunted love story when she finds herself being wooed by the dashing Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston), a baronet seeking investors to help salvage what’s left of his crumbling birthright. A series of tragedies put Edith front and center in the lives of Sir Thomas and his brooding sister, the Lady Lucille Sharpe (Jessica Chastain), and confine her to Allerdale Hall — a decaying British manor that veritably breathes, bleeds, and screams under the strain of the elements, not to mention the spirits of those who’ve perished within.

Unraveling the mystery of these strange events, Edith is forced to confront her fears of communing with the dead, gradually coming to appreciate her dead mother’s warning — Beware of Crimson Peak — as the line between life and death grows ever fainter in the snowfall in and around Allerdale Hall.

While the ghosts of Crimson Peak are far more than “just a metaphor,” Del Toro’s film is unabashed in its emphasis on the uniquely human experiences of loss, grief, and remembrance, painting the supernatural as a realm where pain (as well as love) can linger long after death.

Thanks to the director’s artistic vision and penchant for practical effects, the world of these characters (living and otherwise) is astonishingly tangible — an orgy of bold colors and rich fabrics, of flesh both livid and sanguine. Those who feel at home in such a lavish world may consider it an invitation from Del Toro himself: return to Allerdale Hall as often as you dare, and feel welcome to stay a long, long time.

tumblr_nwl9qhyxRD1s5rrj2o1_1280 (1)

At Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, we present Crimson Peak perfume oil blends, $30.00 per 5ml bottle. Presented in an amber apothecary glass vial. Because of the nature of this project, imps are unavailable.

400 bottles were created for each scent.

thomas sharpe perfume

Created by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for Crimson Peak

With the assistance of our sister shop, Black Phoenix Trading Post, you can drape yourself in the myriad colors of the film, adorn yourself with Sharpe Family heraldry, infuse your home with the scents of Allerdale Hall, and conceal your secrets within our cold-cast resin keepsake boxes.

Guillermo Del Toro is both a master storyteller and a virtuoso of evocative design. All of Crimson Peak is awash in color – vibrant or decaying, somber or aflame. Every shadow has a meaning; every angle has a purpose. Every single hue was deliberately chosen as a thread that binds the tale, and every single hue tells a story within itself.

In this nail lacquer series, we celebrate the colors of Crimson Peak: the dark palette that brings the characters to life. The lacquers represent the film itself and four of its characters: Edith Cushing, Alan McMichael, Lady Lucille Sharpe, and Sir Thomas Sharpe. Each bottle is silkscreened with symbolism depicting the aspect of the film that the color represents.

Three hundred bottles were created of each color.


It is our great pleasure to present a line of jewelry dedicated to Guillermo Del Toro’s gothic masterpiece, Crimson Peak. Bedeck yourself with Sharpe family heirlooms: show your familial allegiance with the Sharpe Coat of Arms and Family Crest, and embrace terror itself with the Fear Monogram.

300 pieces were created of each design. Crafted in Los Angeles, CA. This is a pre-order; our Crimson Peak jewelry will ship in January of 2016.



Ghosts fade away — along with the past — like mist in the daylight… Leaving only small lessons behind — Small certainties —

There are things that tie them to a place — very much like they do us — some remain tethered to a patch of land or a time and date… but there are others — Others that hold to an emotion, a drive: loss, revenge… or love…

Those — they never leave…

Memory is an intimacy we share with forces both seen and unseen, a place where the living and the dead co-exist — though not always peacefully. Wherever she goes, CRIMSON PEAK heroine Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) seems to uncover an urgent longing, the kind that leaves an indelible stain on time and space. In this way, anything can become haunted: a room, an object, a certain hour.

In this unique series of atmosphere sprays, Black Phoenix Trading Post conjures singular moments from the past which ache to be relived over and over again, locations which demand to be revisited until their secrets are unearthed. Which carries the greater risk: denying them, or indulging?


For secrets that yearn to be divulged — or atrocities hidden in plain sight — Black Phoenix Trading Post presents Crimson Peak memento boxes inspired by the grim interiors of Allerdale Hall, hand-crafted by Dellamorte & Co.


An irresistible invitation: a relief of the distinctive skull-faced Allerdale Hall crest extruded from blood-red clay: Ad Montes Oculus Levavi Mors Vincit Omnia.

Cold-cast resin, hand-cast and hand-painted by Dellamorte & Co. for Black Phoenix. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, so there will be variations in color.


Crimson Peak: © Legendary 2015. Used with permission, all rights reserved.

Postcards From Dirty South Will Call. Wish You Were Here!

2015 October 28
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by black phoenix


Thanks to Andra (Ina Garten Davita) for snapping pics at our Dirty South Will Call’s first anniversary event! You can view a gallery of them here: You can view a gallery of them here