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Astrological Aspect Alert – Leo Stellium

2011 August 16

Today and tomorrow, the Sun, Mercury and Venus are conjoined in extroverted Leo.  This should be a lovely respite from the frayed tempers of last week’s Mars/Pluto opposition, the dominant pole in the ongoing cardinal grand cross.


This is an extraordinarily creative energy, best used to rethink your methods of self-expression, and attraction.  Matters of public perception come to the forefront, as you bask in Leo’s solar glow.  Think of Madonna, whose birthday is today, and the way she innovatively reinvents herself year after year.  Use this force to reevaluate and reimagine the way the world sees you, and rebuild as necessary.


Where this energy hits you depends on the houses it falls in, and any planets it may energize in your chart.   This energy will be felt by all, but will be strongest for those of you with planets around 23 and 24 degrees.


If you want to know where your planets are located, go to and select Free Horoscopes, and then Horoscope drawings and calculations from the left sidebar.


Twilight Alchemy Lab is currently creating both an oil and an incense to encapsulate this energy, similar to what we did with the  Benevolent Triple Conjunction.  It will be available soon.

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