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Black Phoenix at Pretty Indulgent!

2011 May 27
by elizabeth

Ville Marie

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Pretty Indulgent present a celebration of the rich culture and history of Quebec.

For your consideration:

Warm musk with soft leather, a dusting of dry wildflowers and herbs,
sweetgrass, sage, shagbark hickory, and Canadian balsam.

Un musc chaud avec une note de cuir souple, saupoudré de fleurs sauvages et d’herbes, de foin d’odeur, de sauge, de caryer ovale, et de baume du Canada.

A mélange of silvery musk, iris, licorice root, black currant, apple
blossom, patchouli root, violet, heliotrope, anise, and tonka bean.

Un mélange: musc argenté, iris, racine de réglisse, cassis, fleur de pommier, racine de patchouli, violette, héliotrope, anis, et fève tonka.

An elegant blend of native and imported flowers twirled around a sophisticated vanilla-touched white musk: Madonna lily, crabapple blossom, Begonia juliana, dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids, and five varieties of lilac.

Un musc blanc sophistiqué, touché de vanille et marié à des fleurs indigènes et étrangères: lys, fleur de pommier, Bégonia, orchidées dendrobium et phalaenopsis , et cinq variétés de lilas.

These scents were created by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for Pretty Indulgent, and are sold only through the Pretty Indulgent web site.

– – –

I’ve worked more than ten years in retail, and in the beauty industry. I created Pretty Indulgent because I’ve been a fan of the brands featured here for a long time, and wanted to bring them all together under one roof – a little virtual boutique of all the things I find beautiful and fabulous and unique.

These are the things I constantly rave to friends about, and I thought – why not rave to a whole web full of people? And better yet, give them the option of snagging all these goodies in one go?

The idea really took shape when I considered the fact that this was something I could offer my fellow Canadians, when we more often than not have our shopping experience constrained by expensive rates, customs fees and the general inconvenience of some brands not offering shipping to Canada.

I’m an inveterate shopper by nature, and a lover of indie brands by experience. I don’t scoff at Big Names, but I’ve gravitated over time to the work created by artisans and entrepreneurs. In a retail landscape dominated by homogenous abundance, finding that unique vision and passionate creativity is all the more exciting.

For Pretty Indulgent I wanted to pull together an interesting mix – some things you’ll recognize more easily, while some will be more niche. What I’ve also tried to do is select items and brands that are reasonably priced, especially considering that many of them are hand-made.

– Maggie Stepien

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