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Important 2018 Pricing Update for BPAL & BPTP

2018 January 4
by black phoenix

It’s been nearly seven years since our prices have changed, though the costs of doing business have never ceased to go up. Know that it breaks our hearts to make the following announcement: Effective January 15, 2018 prices at BPAL and BPTP will be raised to the amounts listed below.

BPAL provides health benefits, PTO, a living wage, and other workplace benefits for a local, full-time staff. Remaining true to our core ethics requires us to keep up with the costs of this labor, as well as other expenses, such as our manufacturing costs, rent, mandatory workplace insurance, and the purchasing of product components, all of which are constantly on the rise.

In 2017, we finally sailed past the point where not even booming sales or tightening our belts could not make up for these additional costs. In order for us to survive in the current economic climate, our prices have to go up across the board at both BPAL and BPTP.

Working on our 15th Anniversary collection was a tremendous opportunity to look back and take inventory of everything our long-term investment in BPAL — as well as yours — has yielded. Here are some of the standards we’ve managed to meet, against all odds:

History. We maintain an extensive scent archive reaching back over a decade. While this stock may fluctuate, many of you continue to enjoy access to the BPAL you first fell in love with.

Continuity. Instead of being capsized by unforeseen setbacks or sudden expenses, as is the fate of so many small businesses, we have been able to operate at a loss for short periods when necessary.

Philanthropy. Every year, a portion of our crowded production schedule is dedicated to products that will raise funds for charity.

Community. We sponsor and promote artists, podcasters, drag queens, independent retailers, and various artisans across the country.

Mobility. Each year, we absorb the tremendous expense of traveling to as many conventions as possible, so we can meet our customers in person.

Generosity. We provide a wealth of free samples to our customers, as well as convention attendees who might otherwise not be able to afford a full bottle to take home (not to mention stickers, pins, and other fun swag). We want everyone to feel welcome at our table.

Quality. In a time when adulteration is increasingly the norm, we are resolute in our commitment to using only the purest and most ethically sourced ingredients available.

While some of these aims may seem more expendable than others, our ultimate goal is to preserve a certain tradition and standard for quality which our clients — our family — have come to expect, and which we intend to honor for as long as possible.

Though we know money’s just as tight for everyone else as it is for us, we hope you will understand the difficulty of our position, and continue to invest in our people, our products, and our future together.



General Catalog and Limited Edition Updates

(Future LE blends will continue to vary by series. Price based on components and cost to manufacture.)

  • General Catalogue 5ml: $19.50
  • Single Imp’s Ear: $4.50
  • 6 pack of Imp’s Ears: $25.00
  • BPAL Anniversary ‘17: $23.00
  • Hymn to Fortuna: $26.00
  • Halloween ‘17: $23.00
  • Carnaval Diabolique: $26.00
  • TKO: $30.00
  • Moons of Saturn ‘18: $25.00
  • Lunacy Moons: $26.00
  • 7 Word Stories: $26.00
  • Conjunction of Mars: $26.00
  • In Time of Plague: $26.00


BPAL Licensed Scents

(Future co-branded blends will continue to vary by series. Price based on components and cost to manufacture.)

  • VILF: $22.00
  • Gris Grimly: $23.00
  • The Last Unicorn: $26.00
  • Nobodies Watching Wrestling: $27.00
  • American Gods: $28.00
  • Lemon-Scented: $28.00
  • Anansi Boys: $28.00
  • Coraline: $28.00
  • Good Omens: $28.00
  • Graveyard Book: $28.00
  • Neverwhere: $28.00
  • Stardust: $28.00
  • Lady Death: $28.00
  • Grendel: $28.00
  • Dawn: $28.00
  • Witchblade: $28.00
  • Hero Initiative: $28.00
  • Hellboy: $28.00
  • The District: $28.00
  • Irredeemable: $28.00
  • Pandora: $28.00
  • Fraggle Rock: $28.00
  • Labyrinth: $28.00
  • The Dark Crystal: $28.00
  • Paranorman: $28.00
  • Pretty Deadly: $28.00
  • Kabuki: $28.00
  • Clive Barker: $28.00
  • Vampire Tarot: $32.00
  • Crimson Peak: $32.00
  • Only Lovers Left Alive: 32.00


Activism Scents

  • Alternative Facts: $26.00
  • COVFEFE: $26.00
  • Fake News: $26.00
  • LORDY: $26.00
  • Nasty Woman : $26.00
  • Nevertheless: $26.00
  • Theoi Nomioi: $26.00
  • Irish Coffee Buttercream: $28.00
  • Spiced Rum Buttercream: $28.00
  • Scalia: $28.00
  • SN: Bluebonnet: $28.00
  • SN: Douglas Iris: $28.00
  • SN: Flor de Maga: $28.00
  • Take a Knee: $28.00



(Co-branded and LE products will continue vary by series. Price based on components and cost to manufacture.)

  • General Catalog Hair Gloss: $29.50
  • General Catalog Atmo: $26.00
  • General Catalog Massage Oil: $18.00
  • General Catalog Bath Oil: $32.00
  • General Catalog Nail Polish: $10.50
  • Carnaval Diabolique Hair Gloss: $30.00

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